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Tierra is Josh Olins’ second self-published book and its format has the elegant simplicity of his first (which was a sell-out last year). Inside a sherbert-pink cover (which Olins suggests ‘feels dusty like the landscape did’), Tierra reveals images of parched Nevada desert scenes, rocks in close-up, the mountains at dusk, and portraits of Constanza Vallese, at times nude, at times adorned in agate necklaces and other garments from Givenchy’s SS17 collection. Drawings by Constanza weave throughout the book, and in this way, says Olins, Tierra is redolent of the relationship between, and work of, Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’ Keefe.

Ariella Wolens writes: ‘Captured through Olins’ photographic lens, the desert light appears to come from all directions, allowing for an intense warmth to form stark contrasts between the leaks and recesses of this boundless space. These images are paired with an intimate portrayal of the female form, in which the curves and textures of the earth are echoed in the sensuous structure of her figure’.

Tierra is produced in a limited first edition of 500 copies, in 2017, & designed by Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet-Napoleone. It has 56 pages, images in colour and black and white, and is softcover. It measures 7”x9”.




available from Claire de Rouen books
here: https://bit.ly/2tavV8w

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