FLOW – ON SHOW: The Body Issue | Human Stories

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The face is the picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter’ -Cicero A study of body image and anatomy through contemporary photography, film and digital media framed by a series of provocations. The politics of beauty and … Continued

FLOW – ON SHOW: This Burning Land Belongs To You | Swiss Cottage Gallery

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21 September – 4 November 2017 Camden Kalā and TARQ are proud to present “This Burning Land Belongs to You.” This exhibition shows the works of artists Ronny Sen, Rithika Merchant and Soghra Khurasani. Each artist makes work about the India of today, highlighting and … Continued

FLOW – ON SHOW: John Akomfrah | Purple

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British artist and filmmaker, John Akomfrah creates his most ambitious piece to date – an immersive six-channel video installation addressing climate change, human communities and the wilderness. At a time when, according to the UN, greenhouse gas emissions from human … Continued

FLOW – ON SHOW: Peaches and Cream | Millennium Images

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Peaches and Cream is a photography competition and exhibition founded by Millennium Images. This year the competition seeked more then ever to celebrate the photographic arts, with a key focus in showcasing emerging photographers. The shortlist displays a dynamic selection … Continued

FLOW’s Book du Jour: Martin Kollar | Provisional Arrangement

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Martin Kollar Provisional Arrangement Winner of the 2016 Prix Elysée, Martin Kollar’s new work, Provisional Arrangement, considers that which is temporary in a world made up of provisional situations and solutions. “We are tenants of culture”, wrote Nicolas Bourriaud, foreseeing … Continued