FLOW – ON SHOW: Christopher Thomas | Lost in LA

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Hamiltons presents Lost in L.A., the most recent series by the photographer Christopher Thomas. With these atmospheric black and white photographs, Thomas brings his unique style of city portraiture to Los Angeles, originally established in Münchner Elegien (2001–2005), New York … Continued

FLOW – ON SHOW: Alex Zalewska | Ubuntu

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The most recent photography project by Alex Zalewska called Ubuntu was shot in the township outside Johannesburg called Warrville and explores post-apartheid life in black communities. It celebrates the spirit and strength of South Africans who face endemic violence, extreme economic hardship, and racism that … Continued

FLOW – ON SHOW: Boreum Oh and Nina Park | Skinship.

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In Korea and Japan, the word ‘skinship’ refers to the process of physical bonding between mother and child, between friends and lovers. Washing, suckling, hugging, kissing, caressing, holding hands… Skinship recognises the need for touch beyond an over simplified notion of sexuality. ‘Kinship’ sits … Continued

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