FLOW – ON SHOW: Alex Zalewska | Ubuntu

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The most recent photography project by Alex Zalewska called Ubuntu was shot in the township outside Johannesburg called Warrville and explores post-apartheid life in black communities. It celebrates the spirit and strength of South Africans who face endemic violence, extreme economic hardship, and racism that has not abated, while all the time maintaining dignity, hope and courage. Word Ubuntu in Zulu means ‘Humanity’ and is often used in a more philosophical sense meaning “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.

Through her imagery the photographer tried to convey the message of unity and kindness she discovered while working on her project. As the only white person in the township, despite all the universally known stereotypes and prejudice, she never felt excluded or alienated. The compassion and respect Alex received from the people she photographed made her want to tell their story to those, whose views on post-apartheid South Africa and townships are based on media-generated lies and prejudgement. There is an intense, profound beauty to be found in the fight those people face each day and it can only be understood if we look beyond the racial and economical differences created by our society.

All profits from sold works will go towards ACO Africa, charity in Uganda.




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