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Antony Cairns hacked 200 e-books to make it possible to view his entire archive of LDN work which includes images from London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris, and Tokyo. In these photographs he focuses on buildings, architectural details, multi-storey car parks, underpasses, and walkways, which combine to create an accumulated nocturnal landscape. The pictures originate as 35mm transparencies, which are part-developed and then solarised before the developing process is resumed, then from inter-negatives Cairns makes contact prints, which, when exhibited are made directly onto aluminium panels, or as lith prints on paper. In addition to the software modifications Cairns has also modified the appearance of each device with matte paint and black grills.




244 black-and-white photographs, reviews of previous work, an interview with Cairns, and 2 essays by Ian Jeffrey.

Power lead.

Printed instructions.

Printed black bubble pack sleeve.

Available from Claire de Rouen Books
here: http://bit.ly/2fHSXh8


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