FLOW’s Book du Jour: Mika Ninagawa | Poison Yellow

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Poison Yellow is a limited zine focusing on Japanese photographer and director Mika Ninagawa’s recent work, known for her vibrant and brightly colored photographs of flowers, goldfish, and landscapes.
For this publication Ninagawa opted for a handmade saddle binding that uses industrial hex bolts. From the cover to within, it is a book about the potential for beauty or originality in the everyday. The tropes of nature, culture and leisure are observed – a flower, a sculpture, a swimming pool, an array of neon lights, schools of jelly fish, radiant stars – and juxtaposed in a visually poetic sequence to create a dream within a book. EUPHORIC TECHNICOLOR, says Dazed. Ninagawa is a Japanese photographer and director who, incidentally, made the Japanese version of Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys.




Available from BCC – Antenne Books
here: https://goo.gl/B8OB9d

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